1st Year Students in the Nelder Wheel

The academic year started 2 weeks ago at the Northern Agricultural & Forestry College (NAFC), a partner organisation with the LATARP project. Already, the deputy director, Dr. Outhai Soukkhy is introducing 1st year students to agroforestry.


1st year students pose with Dr Soukkhy (3rd from top left) and Rachel Olsen (centre). Rachel is an AVID volunteer working to develop a tissue culture facility.

Today, the students were involved in ‘chopping and dropping’ weeds and grasses around teak trees at the NAFC nelder wheel. The resulting cut grasses make excellent mulch which is crucial to preventing moisture loss during the upcoming dry season.

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The students are enrolled in a 3 year diploma and can pick from 4 majors (Livestock, Agronomy, Forestry or Agri-business). More information on the NAFCs program and its ongoing Swiss supported reform strategy can be found here: NAFC website.

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The nelder wheel is a crucial aid for the ongoing education and research program conducted by LATARP. The partnership with organisations such as the NAFC is essential to further disseminating results and forestry best practices. A tour to the nelder wheel and the NAFC is part of the upcoming 2016 Teak workshop.


ACIAR Teak Workshop – 2016


In just over a month, Luang Prabang will be holding an ACIAR Teak Workshop. Guests and researchers from around the world will come to discuss development and education strategies for improving smallholder Teak woodlot production and profitability. The workshop will conclude with a short tour of nearby woodlots and processing sites in Luang Prabang province.

Information for attendees can be accessed here. PDF downloads of the presentations and discussions will be here as they become available.

NAFC and the Nelder wheel

The Northern Agricultural and Forestry college (NAFC) is a significant partner organisation, hosting several agroforestry and co-planting trials.